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Our Sales Assistant for marketing and sales fosters real conversations to discover your most qualified sales opportunities.

Get a sales assistant that engages every lead, 24/7/365, and never calls in sick 

Who we serve

For Sales Reps

  • Follow up with every single lead 
  • Add a 24x7 virtual sales assistant
  • Find the hidden gems in your leads
  • Free your sales reps up for actual selling 
  • Integrate with your CRM

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For Marketing

  • Ensure every lead is contacted
  • Boost marketing ROI
  • Objectively measure all lead sources
  • Integrate with other marketing automation software

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For Service Reps

  • Create a seamless customer journey from sales through service
  • Free up service staff to provide excellent service
  • Gather critical business intelligence
  • Keep service staff aware in real time  

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See how the Sacramento Kings added millions of revenue

Philip Horn, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service, and Courtney Blake, Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Premium Membership, share how the Sacramento Kings have created three times the number of opportunities with help from a Conversica Sales Assistant. 

The Problem

Contact rates significantly drop off after 5 minutes

Failure to Follow Up One of the biggest failures in the sales cycle is a lack of persistence. In 2017 alone, a shocking 77 percent of companies undertouched their leads.

Although some leads will respond to a sales inquiry the first or second time, it can take as many as 18 follow-up calls to connect with a potential buyer.  Most sales leads require at least six follow-ups, but many salespeople give up after only one or two attempts. Your sales team must be prepared to be persistent and timely with their outreach so leads don’t fall out of the funnel.  

When marketing struggles to determine which leads are sales-ready and the sales team receives unqualified leads, the entire sales cycle can fall apart. But it doesn’t have to. When marketing and sales are properly aligned, your business can close more leads and experience higher marketing revenue. 

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The Leaky Funnel

 Leaks in the funnel occur for a variety of reasons: There are people in the funnel who shouldn’t be, people who should be in the funnel aren’t, people get wrongly positioned in the funnel, and so on. 

“The more leads we can get into the top of the funnel, the more business we’ll end up with, so we looked for marketing technology to help us with that,” 

Kate Cindric Federhar, manager of Marketing Operations 

Imagine a scenario in which the sales team calls a marketing qualified lead who is supposedly eager to buy, only to find out that the lead just discovered the brand. Selling too soon not only turns potential customers off, but also wastes sales’ time— both mean lost revenue. In fact, misalignment between sales and marketing costs companies as much as $1 trillion every single year.

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The Solution

Your sales assistant starts helping her first day. Your company doesn't need to change anything.

An automated lead engagement system automatically engages with prospective home buyers as they come in through the top of the funnel, from your marketing website, model home visits, social media, or other source, and seamlessly passes them to your new home sales team when appropriate—all through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Even better, AI can nurture that prospective home buyer at the appropriate pace to get everyone on the same page at the same time. 

Marketing and sales have the same goal: both teams want to convert website visitors and others leads into future home buyers in order to boost revenue and enhance the customer experience.

Implementing automated lead engagement allows the marketing team to ensure that leads are nurtured using SLA criteria—and it all happens automatically, quickly, accurately, repeatedly, and with personalization. 

Your automated sales assistant also acts without bias; they do not discriminate based on type of email address or any other factor that can inhibit follow-up. 

With an automated sales assistant, organizations can expect 100 percent follow-up on 100 percent of leads—all without tying up marketing or sales teams.


Conversica for Home Builders provides a unique version of your Conversica Sales Assistant tailored for your enterprise scale home building company.   Conversica for Home Builders is available now.  

Builder Concierge Services is providing Conversica to smaller contractors, subcontractors, and real estate offices as an incremental “turnkey service”, billed on a per “lead/contact” basis. This service-based offering utilizes highly-tuned, standardized “conversations” (think scripts) specific for their industry stakeholder role.  This service will be available starting January 1st.

Join Victor Belfor as he discusses Conversica and the rise of AI-powered sales assistant

Our Partner

A business app designed by home builders for home builders

Dynamics for Home Builders is our enterprise version of our home builder business app that includes A.I. for Sales, A.I. for Service, and A.I. for Marketing.  

With Conversica Sales Assistant seamlessly integrated, your organization can provide an optimized experience not only for your customers, but also a much better experience for your internal staff as well.

Our Partner

The key to business success today is speed.

Everything about RapidStartCRM for Home Builders is designed for speed.  Speed to deploy, speed to user adoption, speed to ROI.  In addition, Builder Concierge Services provides the benefit of Conversica that is fully integrated into RapidStartCRM for Home Builders on a per lead/contact basis.

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