Virtual Agents for Home Builders Dashboard

This platform is constantly learning, providing continuous improvement for ever increasing accuracy. Our A.I. system gets smarter every day through pervasive self-improvement. Both human exception handling for the small amount of corner cases when the AI does not interpret a request correctly, and A/B testing of new responses help improve the overall accuracy of the platform.

Our large training data set drives better models and unrivaled business benefits for customers. The Virtual Agents for Homebuilders system has been trained on hundreds of millions of interactions. The system uses machine learning and training of responses to improve accuracy and quality of AI. Every day, our data set grows as more and more customers use the system. 

Engagement Conversations

Interest Outreach

  • ISO Outreach
  • Conversational and friendly
  • Personalized for each home buyer

Inbound Leads

  • No contact within 14 days from home buyer
  • Quote sent 15 days ago but no home buyer response


  • Declines from the last 6 to 24 months
  • Mortgage not qualified home buyer leads
  • Trigger leads
  • Quote sent 30 to 180 days ago but no home buyer response


  • Previous home buyers or their network
  • Seeking Referrals from current home buyers 


  • Offering additional services
  • Design Center/Selections appointments
  • New option offerings


Virtual Agents Features

Goal oriented, highly accurate

Our proprietary platform architecture and vast conversational library together form a highly effective system. You can rest assured that your AI assistant will have human-like conversations with customers, always working towards the best business outcomes. 

Ready to Deploy

The platform powers talented AI Assistants that are trained and ready to go for rapid time to value. Customers can have their AI Assistants operational in as little as a week. 

Easy to integrate

 The Virtual Agents for Homebuilders platform has prebuilt and deep integrations with dozens of third party solutions, ensuring contextually aware and thus more meaningful and human-like conversations. 

Designed by the best

 Some of the best minds in the industry are behind the  Virtual Agents for Homebuilders  platform. Microsoft's in-house data science, engineering, and customer success teams are not only AI experts but also have deep domain knowledge in how humans converse in business. 

Proven in the real world

Many Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft assistants to engage tens of millions of people and enjoy proven business results. 


 The  Virtual Agents for Homebuilders  platform can power millions of conversations at any given time. Some of the largest enterprises rely on Microsoft to engage with tens of thousands of their own prospects and customers. 


In this video, learn how Power Virtual Agents (PVA), integrated in Microsoft Power Platform, can be used anywhere you want to engage the customer beyond customer service. Watch and find out how easy it is to build a Power Virtual Agent, how powerful they are, and what are the key differentiators of this product.