Sales Rep Assistant

Meet Claire. Her goal is to be your most productive and friendly employee

Virtual Agents for Home Builders provides a specialized and highly-tuned, automated sales rep assistant, powered by artificial intelligence software. Our sales rep assistant works just like a human sales assistant, reaching out to every single one of your leads and engaging each of them in a human conversation. 

  • Sales sell more, because the assistant contacts and qualifies all leads so salespeople can focus on what they do best...selling. 

People love it because the assistant is personable, friendly and responsive, connecting them quickly with a human that can help.


Lead delivery optimized for you sales reps...

  • Free your sales reps up for actual selling - Automated new sales rep assistant separates the good leads from the dead ones, so sales reps talk only with prospects who want to talk to them. 

  • Follow up with every single lead  - Virtual Agents yield far more “at bats” for your sales reps – with both new and old leads – and thereby dramatically boosts their number of closed deals.

  • Receive honest feedback - Your assistant is so approachable, that prospects are much more relaxed and honest in their responses than they would be with a “salesperson”.

  • Gather critical business intelligence - New home prospects not only respond more readily, they also share critical information such as phone numbers, best times to call, and intent to buy.

  • Improve your sales process - Your new home sales assistant follows up with prospects again after handing off to a sales rep – to deliver management insight and customer satisfaction.

  • Deploy a fully trained sales assistant - Your new home sales assistant arrives fully trained, fully motivated, and already equipped with the experience gained from millions of customer conversations.

Virtual Agents for Home Builders is focused on moving that new home prospect from a “Marketing Qualified Lead” (MQL) to a “Sales Qualified Lead” (SQL). You can think of SQL as “primed and ready to speak to the real sales rep”. Just like a good human sales assistant would do.  


Clear and Actionable Status - Identify where leads are in the engagement cycle


Virtual Agents will serve up those hot leads when the prospect is ready to talk. Sales reps will no longer be burdened with a traditional CRM app. The Sales reps get text messages or emails when prospect conditions are truly optimal. Their golden eggs are dropped into their basket for them.   

Think of it as “snackable CRM”. Legacy CRM is now obsolete, and A.I. is making it so. It will create vast competitive advantage for first movers.  And we are bringing it to the real estate and construction industry in a big way.